• Automatic Token Dispenser

    Automatic Token Dispenser is designed to provide prepaid pass service and single trip token. Passengers can select destination and number of required token. The machine will then automatically calculate the fair and give out change as well as print out the receipt.City Line’s fair start from 15 baht up to 45 baht, while Express’s fair is a flat rate of 150 baht.

  • Facilities for the disables

    Facilities for the disables consists of disables parking, especially Braille system and voice announcement indicating the floor for the blinds. There is also as area allocated especially for the disables within the passenger car. Ticket distribution channel and access gate were also designed with the consideration of the disables, of which the height and width suitable for wheelchair access as well as various signs for the disables, which are posted at a regular interval. Toilets, there are also toilets for the disables on the Express Line and at the Makkasan Station, especially near shops and restaurants in the station area.

    Car Park’s capacity of 300 cars

    (Makkasan Station)

Update date : 11/01/2559